Technology 101: What is a Computer?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a few years, computers are still a growing business in terms of professional and personal use. Not only are computers very popular, the technology behind them has paved the way for new devices, like the laptop, the smartphone, and now the tablet.

But what exactly IS a computer? The basic answer is that a computer is a machine that is designed to carry out a sequence of operations, usually logical or mathematical in nature. The full explanation can be found at beginning concept is what the military, research facilities, and some major universities used in the early 1940s, however the term of computing goes all the way back to the 1600s when the first mechanical calculators were first used.

Thought computing devices have been around for centuries, it was only with the introduction of the personal computer or PC did those at home found the convenience of having one. Now, most homes will have two or more computers in their home, including smartphones and tablets.

Modern computers, as we know them, have a variety of different parts that connect together to make our programs run. There’s the motherboard, RAM, the CPU, the hard drive (or drives is usually more than one), and the external cards. There’s also the fans that connect to the motherboard and even fans that come with purchased cases. And those are just the specifications for desktop computers.

In terms of laptops, the size is an important reason for having one, as well as the mobility factor. Now however, we have smartphones and tablets, which are even smaller and be carried around anywhere. These devices can also work with the cellular networks, something that had to be additionally purchased in the form of a card for laptops. Many of the cell phone plans include the use of 3G or 4G networks; 4G especially is gaining in areas as it’s much faster than that of 3G and wireless technologies.