Technology 101: Laptop Computers vs. Desktop Computers

When deciding to purchase a computer generally you have two options: purchasing a laptop or purchasing a desktop. However how do you know which one would be best for you?

Laptops tend to be the most convenient option especially if you will need to take your computer around the town with you. With a laptop you can use your computer whenever you want and wherever you want. Should you be a student or need to travel frequently for business, a laptop may be the choice for you. In the recent years, laptops have begun to catch up technologically with desktops allowing you to have the same power and capabilities you would find in a desktop.

Should you be looking for a cheaper solution or to truly get all you can for your money, a desktop may be a better option. Oftentimes you will find that desktops are more powerful and have many more features than a laptop that you could purchase for the same price. Additionally, should you always want to have the top of the line system specs you will find that it is easier and cheaper to upgrade a desktop than it would be to upgrade a laptop. Additionally, its upgrades will be cheaper.

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