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Technology 101: Laptop Computers vs. Desktop Computers

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When deciding to purchase a computer generally you have two options: purchasing a laptop or purchasing a desktop. However how do you know which one would be best for you?

Laptops tend to be the most convenient option especially if you will need to take your computer around the town with you. With a laptop you can use your computer whenever you want and wherever you want. Should you be a student or need to travel frequently for business, a laptop may be the choice for you. In continue reading »

Tech Made Easy: How to Use an Iphone

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The iPhone has been a bestseller for years. It is one of Apple’s best products. Fans have remained loyal to the iPhone primarily because it is so easy to use. It doesn’t take a smartphone guru to utilize this technology.

People that acquire an iPhone will love the descriptive touch screen. Most features do not require instructions. The buttons for the phone, for example, are self-explanatory. There are labels for the keypad, contacts, recent calls, and voicemail. A touch of the button will alllow users to go directly to the desired area.

The phone goes continue reading »